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Mission Statement


Respecting people, technologies,and products,we collaborate with people from nations around the world to develop beautiful and functional cities that meet the needs of a new age.


Social Responsibility

As a manufacturing enterprise, Fujitec Elevator Co., Ltd has always be shouldering its social responsibility in China, such as paying attention to the global environment, supporting the social public good, and fulfilling its due duty for the development of human society.

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Company magazine

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Lift US No.18



  • 【写意•人生】走近建筑师马琴
  • 【世界美都市纪行】摩天楼中盛开的文化之花——商务、学术的都市休斯敦
  • 【前沿•技术】《消防电梯制造与安装安全规范》简介
  • 【TECKY•视界】对话南京地铁


Lift US No.17



  • 【写意•人生】正能量的明珠——年轻演员李明珠
  • 【世界美都市纪行】传统与变革的协奏曲,西洋文化美都——柏林
  • 【前沿•技术】浅谈电梯EMC
  • 【TECKY•视界】我想象中的电梯——“富士达电梯杯”全国儿童绘画大赛作品展示